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Dubai - Lana Nahawi, a 26-year-old Palestinian student of the Dubai International Institute, has taken the coveted Young Designer Award at a ceremony marking the finale of Bride 2004 – the annual exhibition for the discerning bride-to-be and wedding day organisers. More

Beena K P All Set for the classical dance festival at Al Falaj Muscat on April 16, 2004.More

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Media Monitor Jaleel Pattampi Reporter Gulf Madhyamam Dubai

Identify this Dubai man?

A former Muscatier for several years, Mr Syed Rashid, Sales Manager, Virus International Dubai Media City from Hydrabad was an employee of Al Hassan group of companies Muscat.

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Deepika to start Gulf Edition soon Joy Alukkas loss grip over Jeevan TV -Watch this space. New Evening Daily planned in the UAE

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Arabian ‘Bride’ was purchased from UAE event organiser Dialogue. more

Gulf Life launched, New publications targetting NRKs mushroom.- Watch this space.

Kuwait Monitor New family visa rules expected --Small companies Asked to report salary status

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Panchgavya is a term used in Ayurveda to describe the five important bovine products – milk, curd, ghee, urine and dung. These components are used either alone or in combination with other herbs for treatment of several diseases. Their properties are believed to strengthen our immune system. More

Discussion Forum Bank Draws Rigged?

Terry Fox Run in Muscat

Boycott Air India Indian Airlines Campaign

Malayali Recruiting Agent Duping Blackmailing ..See the link

ISC Malayalam Update

The love- hate- relation between the convener and the ousted lady co convener of the ISC Malayalam Wing continues with various ups and downs to reach a compromise. Immediately after the Management Committee took a hasty decision to terminate the CO convener, it had to eat its words and desperately run around for a "compromise" - the parent organisation gave a 48 hours ultimatum to amicably solve the problem. More

Attack on ISC Lady CO Convener

The CO convener of Indian Social Club Malayalam Wing was physically assaulted in front of the convener and other committee members . Resorting to violence, especially against a woman is a barbarian tendency,. Such a trend in the social club is a reflection of the declining social and moral values governing such cultural clubs..Express your opinion on these crucial points in KM Discussion forum.. More

K V Shamsuddin More



Crown Prince of Monaco visits the Nakheel Sales Centre

3 April 2004, Dubai, UAE – Whilst in Dubai last week, Prince Albert, Crown Prince of Monaco made a special visit to the Nakheel Sales Centre to take in Dubai’s extraordinary island developments, The Palm and The World. Accompanied by Wahid Attalla, Executive Director Commercial and Operations for Nakheel and a number of VIP’s, the Prince marveled over the hugely ambitious projects that have captured the imaginations of people from all around the world. Full Report and More News from Dubai

Manichan, Wahab, Galfar Influence comes out openly in ISC Kerala Wing's New Patronisation Policy for Keralolsavam 2004

MUSCAT - Even as the controversy about extending an unconditional support to the Muslim League politician and Kairali channel director board member Wahab in his nomination to the Rajya Sabha is continuing unabatted in the mainstream Kerala media, another Overseas wing of the left parties has promoted two prominent business tycoons from the Muslim League, which indicates the growing influence of big business on the party activities. The Indian Social Club Kerala Wing, ( indirectly controlled by left party supporters has annoucned two names viz Dr.P. Galfar Mohammed Ali and Ameer Ahmed as official "PATRONS" of the forthcoming Keralolsavam, a showbiz of upper caste cultural programmes The ISC Kerala Wing convenor P M Jabir's unholy nexus with the Galfar group has been a point of discontent among the vast majority of party and club workers in Muscat, who had objected to making Galfar Mohammed Ali the patron of the Kairali Pagentry programme which was cancelled recently. Due to unexplained reasons the Muscat Leg of the much publicised Kairali programme was cancelled at the eleventh hour mainly because of objections from ordinary club members. It is a known secret that the ISC Kerala Wing is fully under the influence of business house and Mr.Jabir's role in taking the club to the board rooms of communal and business tycoons is questioned by the faithful sympathisers and well wishers. The controversial manner in which the business tycoon was honoured with a Ponnada by the Kerala Wing was subject of severe criticism in General body meetings. The private Secretary of Galfar Mohammed Ali has been holding key to various crucial decisions taken by the club. He was appointed a committee member from the beginning. Ameer Ahmed is a known member of KMMC with extreme views on religion and politics. By roping in such communal and big business elements, the ISC Kerala Wing has once again exposed its true colour. Naturally the club cannot oppose anything that will affect big business interest . That explains its double standards on reducing schools fees in Oman. The highest fees charged by any Indian school in the Gulf is owned by none other than Galfar Mohammed Ali with the support of E Ahmed Member of Parliament and other Muslim League politicians. It also explains why the Kairali channel has termed KM, which reported about the group, as a communal portal..Watch this space.

Communal Temple Programmes through Keralolsavam?

Mattannoor Shankaran is going to be the main chenda artist for Keralolsavam 2004. According to wing members, people in Muscat have already heard the Chnda Masters skill continuously for two Keralolsavam. They feel that there should be something new in Keralolsavam 2004 as people are not interested in hearing the same sound every year. Or is there any secret understanding between the organisers and artists to continue the deal for five years? --they asked.

Most of the temple arts selected by the ISC Kerala Wing to showcase "Kerala Culture" are nothing but racial programmes, which are clearly against the original art forms of Kerala, says ISC Kerala Wing sources. According to a senior Wing member, there was strong discontent among members about including only templ art forms in Keralolsavam 2004. As in the past, this year also, Keralolsavam will be showcasing such programmes.

Kairali Channel Joins Hate Campaign Against Kerala Monitor!

P M Jabir equates KM with a communal portal

News channel reporter replaces new monitor in maligning KM editor

Kairali Channel, one of the most popular Malayalam news channels from Kerala, has accused Keralamonitor.com (KM) of being a "communal website" spreading negative reports about the fate of 55 Indian workers who are denied basic right by the Arab employer. Kairali TV reporter from Muscat Mr. P M Jabir, who had no other option but to correct his earlier misleading report which glorified the Indian Ambassador Talmiz Ahmed and embassy officials about the fate of 55 Indian workers stranded in front of the Indian Embassy in Muscat, was trying in an irresponsible way to settle a personal grudge using the channel and divert public attention from his close links to the business tycoons who have been disturbed by KM reports.. Mr. Jabbir made a partisan, unwarranted and perverted comment that Gulf Malayalis are concerned about a " website run by a communal association" which givies misleading reports. Even if the channel has not named the website, the report is clearly with reference to Keralamonitor.com story below..Full Report

Tanmia provides job-oriented training to another 119 UAE nationals under its ‘Maharat’ programme

The Authority spends Dhs. 800,000 in the latest programme to enhance the employability of nationals

The National Human Resources Development and Employment Authority (Tanmia) has completed yet another major training programme involving 119 UAE nationals who have been provided with job-oriented training under the Authority’s ‘Maharat’ initiative. The participants in the training programme were presented with certificates at a graduation ceremony attended by Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Awar, Director General, Tanmia; Humaid Al Qutami, General Manager, EIBFS (Emirates Institute For Banking and Financial Studies) and Michael Williams, General Manager, National Bank of Fujairah.Participants in the training courses had high praise for Tanmia and its Maharat programme that has helped them get a good start to their career.Full Report and More News from Dubai

BSA extends IPR campaign across the Middle East, hosts roundtable discussion with Kuwaiti judiciary Full Report

Media and Human Rights Seminar in Kerala to highlight harassment of Indian journalists in the Gulf

by Dr.K M Seethi

KOTTAYAM - The School of International Relations, Mahatma Gandhi University , Kerala is organising a one-day workshop on Media and Human Rights as part of the UGC-sponsored programme currently underway in the School. The workshop, scheduled to be held on 30 March 2004 , seeks to provide a forum for academics, journalists, students, research scholars and social activists to interact and debate on different dimensions of Human Rights as depicted by and through the mass media. Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers ( Article 19, United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights ). It has been well over fifty years since the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and, yet, the abuses continue to grow in almost all parts of the world. Freedom of Speech and Human Rights are taken for granted in many countries but the new century saw the Human Rights conditions remain unchanged, or in some countries, actually worsen, around the world. In fact, the UN has reported that even though over a hundred governments have agreed to help outlaw some of the worse violations of rights, abuses are still on the increase. India is no exception. More on Media Seminar

How to Smuggle out a Russian Girl from Dubai to Saudi ?


Kurian Pampadi ( Formerly with Malayala Manorama)

It is easy to speak volumes about the influence of the media on society rather than quantify the actual influence. It has always been a debating point whether the media exerts any influence in charting the course of human behaviour. Even if there is any influence, it has to be ascertained whether it has been benign or malignant. Goebbels was able to influence the course of history by manipulating the media by blatant lies to endorse the actions of his megalomaniac master Adolph Hitler. We saw the same being repeated in the recent theatre of war in Iraq when we saw the media being manipulated by the Western war machine. The edifice of the justification of war has started to crumble as lies one after another are being exposed. More

Reflections on Media and Human Rights in the Gulf Region : a case study of Oman

By V M Sathish M.A.M.Phil *

“Human Rights” is a much used jargon by the Middle East media as every newspaper, TV channel and Internet sites prominently report the rampant human rights violations by Israeli forces against Palestinians. Due to historical reasons and a religious frenzy created by the century old Arab Israeli issue, human rights, read Palestinian rights, captures the headline of the media almost every day. However, on domestic issues including human rights violations and the journalists’ role in society, a number of subtle measures are adopted to keep the media within strict control. Full Report

 Basra Governor commends DNRD for installing highly advanced passport control facility

 Dubai - March 28, 2004 A high level Iraqi delegation, led by the Governor of Basra, His Excellency Wael Abdelateef Hussain, visited the e-Gate facility at Dubai International Airport during a recent visit to Dubai . The Governor and his 20-member team, accompanied by Lieutenant Colonel Jassim Abdul Ghafoor, Assistant Director in charge of Border Control, DNRD studied the card-operated electronic passport control system that has been operational since August 2002 and acquired an ‘e-card’ that enables quick access to the airport to registered visitors. More News from Dubai/Middle East

Human Development and Human Rights : A perspective

M.KUNHAMAN ( Professor of Economics, University of Kerala )

Kottayam - Conflating human development and human rights in discourses, a heterodox and welcome intellectual project of relatively recent origin, is by now very popular. It is ironical that more and more violations of human rights are occurring even as there has been a proliferation of agencies and mechanisms for protecting and promoting such rights. Similarly, there has occurred a proliferation of development agencies focusing on human development; yet, deprivations are taking place at an incredible pace.

Special Report on Media Freedom in the Gulf with special Focus on Oman

The resource persons for the seminar are drawn from various universities, research institutions and the media. The papers will be presented by Gouridasan Nair (The Hindu), N.MadhavanKutty (New Indian Express), B.R.P . Bhaskar (Human Rights activist and formerly with Deccan Herald) T.G.Suresh (Jawaharlal Nehru University), Vinod Kumar (Financial Express), M.Kunhaman (University of Kerala), V.M.Sathish (International Herald Tribune), Kurian Pambadi (formerly with Malayala Manorama), Anil G. Nair (Hindustan Times), Bernd Pflug , A.K.Ramakrishnan and Teresa Joseph ( Mahatma Gandhi University). More

 Turkey is targeting growing Middle East demand for vehicle spare parts and accessories in a bid to increase its worldwide automotive sector exports to US $10 billion within the next four years

ROP Hunting Illegal Expatriate Workers in Ruwi, Wadi Adai

MUSCAT - The Royal Oman Police is conducting a massive manhunt for illegal workers and people who are living in the Sultanate without proper documents. The police are harassing many innocent expatriate families and their children too, alleged a Muscat resident. All over the Gulf region, there is a manhunt as Pakistani and Afghan illegal migrants have allegedly committed some crime.Full Report and more News

CPM leaders kneel before NRI tycoons!!!

Industrialist P V Abdul Wahab, another prominent NRI and Kairali Channel director has emerged victorious as a Rajyasabha member because even the CPM leaders maintained a studied silence over his candidature despite having an NRI status. It is a fact that he was not eligible to stand as a Rajya Sabha member because being an NRI he cannot be in the voters list. How did he manage to get in the electroal roll is another matter.Full Report

Coco Colonisation of Kerala, Kairali?

Veteran actor Mamootty, Chairman of the prestigious Kairali channel, is in the midst of a controversy after he reportedly signed up a multicrore agreemetn to become the brand ambassador of Coco Cola, the largest US multinational company in the world, which represents neocolonisation of the 21st century. The company's dubious role in precipitating drought in the Plachimada area is an open secret and the popular actor's decision to embrace and promote cocola culture is as an unwelcome step. Is he a man who will make money by any means and was only exhibiting a populist face to promote his career as an actor.Full Report

Sur Indian School Celebrations - Talmiz to be Chief Guest -Sur Newsletter by Madhu Nambiar. .Full Report

Some of the oldest high schools in the UK to seek student recruitment from the Middle East at the Gulf Education and Training Exhibition 2004 More News First anniversary celebrations marked by winning the President's Trophy in the Dubai-Muscat Passage Sailing Regatta 2004

India Dethrones Pakitan as the Asian Tiger

Indo-Pak Series Commentary By Nishad Anwar

Just as Diego Maradona's 'Hand of God' goal had left England stunned in their 1986 World Cup quarter-final, Sachin Tendulkar's hands that plucked a scorcher out of the Lahore night sky silenced a capacity crowd at the Gaddafi Stadium. Chasing India's solid 293 for seven, Pakistan were rocked by early strikes from teenaged seamer Irfan Pathan, but as long as skipper and danger-man Inzamam-ul Haq was at the crease, Pakistan were always in with a chance.Full Report

Rise Of A God Woman And The Right To Expression

By Sidharth

The Kerala Chief Minister Mr. A. K. Antony is at it again. Antony, who had been toeing the Sangh Parivar line ever since he came to power has ordered the prosecution of Sreeni Pattathanam , author of the controversial book, "Matha Amruthananthamayi - Mysteries And Realities" on a God Woman, Matha Amruthananthamayi, who collected a huge number of followers in Kerala, all over India and abroad, including top government functionaries like Chief Ministers, Ministers, Governors, top bureaucrats and leading business persons. Full Report

Americans fear World Wide Retaliation against Sheikh yassin Assassination .More

MUSCAT - U.S. citizens are reminded of the continuing threat of anti-American violence, including possible terrorist actions against aviation, ground transportation and maritime interests, specifically in the Middle East, including the Red Sea, Persian Gulf, the Arabian Peninsula and North Africa. Credible information has indicated terrorist groups may be planning attacks against U.S. interests in the Middle East. Terrorist actions may include suicide operations, bombings, hijackings or kidnappings. These attacks may involve aviation, ground transportation and maritime interests.More

Jewish Center in France Set on Fire

Tuesday March 23, 2004 9:46 PM

TOULON, France - Attackers set fire to a Jewish community center in southeast France overnight, causing slight damage to the entry hall, police said Tuesday. The assailants broke a window at the center in the southwestern city of Toulon and doused the interior with a flammable liquid that was then set on fire, police said. Several walls were blackened by flames, but there were no injuries. Full Report


Global Strategy: Breastfeeding critical for child survival

UNICEF and WHO call for increased commitment to appropriate feeding practices for all infants and young children

New York Mar 23: Calling on governments to promote and protect breastfeeding, UNICEF and WHO today jointly launched the Global Strategy for Infant and Young Child Feeding. The document, developed over two years of global consultation, pinpoints the main problems affecting infant and young child feeding and identifies approaches to their solution.More

Guidelines formed for Self Finance professional College admission

Thiruvananthapuram Mar 23: New guidelines were formed for to self finance professional colleges in Kerala. Various strategies have been suggested for Engineering, MBBS and other courses. According to the Supreme Court verdict, a commission had been formed under the Charimanship of Rtd Justice KT Thomas for formulating these guidelines. According the guidelines formulated, there would be separate interview for the students who wish to seek management seat. There would be no interview for admission to MBBS and other courses at self finance colleges. The consortium of self financing managements would conduct the entrance examination and admissions will be done according to the rank list. The marks of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology would be added to prepare the rank list.More

Kerala rejects NWDA's proposal to divert water to TN More

Four Hundred Illegal Workers Caught by ROP In Muscat

Major crackdown on illegal workers in Muscat by ROP, More than 500 caught on Weekend Raids in the Ruwi Area. It is learned that thousands of free visa and business visa holders are hiding in different parts of Oman. Recently nearly 600 Pakistanis were deported from Muscat, and many illegal immigrants from India and Pakistan are reportedly shot dead by human traffickers themselves.

Airline Boycott Committee Withers Away as Indian Tycoons Use Vastha -Watch this space.

ROP Investigates major ATM Fraud in Oman Banks as suspected Malayasians steal valid electronic data using hidden video camera in ATM Locations

The Report -Day One Engineers Cup Cricket Doha

DOHA - A superb all around performance from Pratheesh Ben saw CETAAQ thrashing the current Galaxy Engineers Cup holders, GETE by a big margin of 45 runs. It was a vengeance victory for CETAAQ who had lost miserably, despite making a big total to GETE, in last year's final. More from Sapna George

Crack down on "Illegal" Social Clubs in Muscat to avenge Airline Boycott Call Click for major news stories rently published.

Sea Horse Marine unveils environment friendly Evinrude E-TEC Outboard engine for boats at Dubai International Boat Show

E-TEC is the first 2stroke engine to deliver zero emission, super quiet sound and power-packed performance

March 17, 2004 Sea Horse Marine, a leading distributor of marine equipment will be showcasing the environment friendly Evinrude E-TEC outboard engines for boats at the Dubai International Boat Show, which will be held from March 17 to 20, 2004 at the Dubai International Marine Club, Mena Seyahi Hotel. The energy efficient engines are fitted with Evinrude’s advanced E-TEC technology, making them the first 2 stroke Direct Injection (DI) engines to deliver zero emission, super quiet sound and low maintenance, combined with power-packed performance. More News

£100 budget boost for over 70s

Mar 17: Britain's over 70s are to enjoy a cash boost of an extra £100 this year. All households with someone aged 70 or over will receive £100 in addition to any other entitlement they are already receiving.The announcement was made recognising that for many pensioners their Council Tax bill can take up a large percentage of a fixed income.

Young Achievers - Prabi Krishna

Prabi Krishna, a Muscat Malayali student in Kerala has brought honour to the Indian community here He came first in the formula one rally competition at the national level in the IEEE conference. IEEE is an International Organization of Engineers and it was for the first time such a competition is conducted in South India. Prabi, son of well known dance teacher Beena Radhakrishnan, Mucat is a student of Mohandas College for Engineering Nedumangadu. Prabi is a second year B.Tech student. He had his primary education till 10th standard in Indian School, Wadi Kabir. He was also the Vice Captain of the house in the school at the time. ( Report by Nishad Anwar)

Middle East leding Global Airline Industry

Etihad Airways launch is a response to economic upturn and increased consumer demand for value, says chairman

March 2004) : Airlines in the Middle East are set to make major advances in the global airline market, according to Dr Ahmed bin Saif Al Nahyan, chairman of Etihad Airways, the new national carrier of the UAE. Dr Ahmed, a former captain on Airbus and Boeing aircraft, says the current economic upswing in Arabian economies has fuelled the development of the region's airline sector. He said: "While the global airline sector has levelled out following the effects of September 11, SARS and the invasion of Iraq, we are seeing significant bouyancy in the Middle East economy. “This is reflected in growth as high as 22 per cent in the regional airline sector over recent months. More News

Dubai's tourism and retail sectors contribute three times more than the oil sector to GDP

Hospitality and tourism emerge as leading career choices in higher education amongst Middle East students

March 13, 2004 According to figures provided by the UAE government, tourism and the hotel industry have emerged as leading revenue earners in the country. In Dubai alone, the tourism industry has accounted for a steadily increasing percentage of the emirate's GDP, with the combined tourism and retail sectors contributing more than 20 per cent of Dubai's Gross Domestic Product (GDP), far surpassing the oil sector that contributes just a little over 6 per cent of the GDP. It is not surprising then, that for a large number of Middle East students hospitality and tourism are emerging as leading career choices. This fact will be in focus at the 16th Gulf Education and Training Exhibition (GETX) to be held from April 20 to 23, 2004 at the Dubai International Exhibition Centre."Due to its location, the UAE has been able to act as a connecting link between Europe and the Indian subcontinent, the Far East and Africa.More News

NRI Federation, ISC Take anti-NRI Stand on Airline boycott

Double Standards -? Saileswaran disputes what Gopakumar says.

The Muscat-Kerala-Bombay passengers are paying the highest airfare than any other Gulf destinations due to the monopoly and mismanagement of the two national airlines and the clout enjoyed by two business groups which are managing the show in Muscat.All over the Gulf there is an intense campaign to boycott the two airlines. However, leaders of some of the so called social organisations in Muscat have proved once again that they stand for a few free tickets and sponsorship from the national airlines rather than fighting for a just cause and support many ordinary passengers who are now squeezed by the airline lobby. Reminding us the perverted stand taken by the Muscat based social organisations regarding the economic shipping service, some of the association members have shamelessly expressed their secret understanding with national carriers, which often give them a few free tickets or sponsorship. Gopakumar, the newly appointed general secretary of the NRI Federation and an active member of the ISC Malayalam Wing went to the extent of justying the high airfare charged by the Indian carriers. The hidden reason for Gopakuma's love for the Indian carriers is the sponsorship that his Muscat Soorya Chapter or the ISC Malayalam Wing get occasionally. Similarly the ISC has not only opposed the boycott call, but warned its linguistic wings to keep away from the issue. ISC's submission to the Khimji family is well known,. Who does not know that the maximum money from the airline ticket sales is made by the General Sales Agent (GSA). Despite the tall claims made by V T Saileswarn, President NRI Federation about working for the welfare of NRIs, its new office bearers have also shown their true colour by making media statements eulogising the national carriers and indirectly subotaging the boycott plan. Saileswaran, Gopakumar, CNP, Kalidasan, you practice what you preach. Remember C N P Nampoothiri and company who convened a press conference in New Delhi demanding immediate reduction of the high airfare to India? A few years back when Oman Air was lobbying to fly to Kochi. Not only that the ISC Scolded them for making such public statements, Oman Air managed to fly to Kochi. We were told that due to competition price will come down. Now instead of competition Oman Air has joined the cartel. The social organisations did not suppor the cheap shipping service that would have benefitted many. It is election time and all the political groups are active with NRI Problems. The boycott call will end as soon as the election gets over. - Editor.

Remember who subotaged the Muscat Kochi Shipping Service?

Indian Embassy Unable to Recover Pending Salary of Dead Keralite Worker

While the local media including the Times of Oman is keeping a safe distance from the workers problem, the fate of 200 workers of Bogus Tradig continues to remain bleak as the embassy has entered into a one sided agreement to get 60 per cent pending salary to the workers. Even though the fate of Bogust Trading workers has been similar to the problems facing salalah Workers, no one seems to have interest in them. Representatives of both Kairali and Asianet channels have visited them But they are unable to do any work. Due to unknown reasons, both the channels preferred not to report similar cases. Recently workers of MRP staged protest march against delay in getting payment. For a change, Asianet, the leading Malayalam Channel deputed a well known journalist to cover the Salalalh workers problem. After Keralamonitor reported the media bias and distortion, both the channels carried objective reports about the issue. It is learned that the police brought the businessman to the Indian Embassy. Meanwhile, Kiran Ashar of the Al Ansari group has offered a humanitarian gesture by offering food and accommodation to the workers.


National airline of the UAE flies to first destination outside the
region; 16 cities to be covered by end of 2004

(March 2004) : Etihad Airways, the national airline of the UAE, has launched its first route outside the Middle East, with the commencement of services to Colombo (on March 2, 2004).Colombo is the fourth destination for the Abu Dhabi-based airline, and the airline will operate three flights a week to the Sri Lankan capital. This represents the fourth new route for Etihad Airways in a period of rapid growth for the airline, which should see a total of 16 new destinations by the end of 2004. These include London and Bangkok on March 28 and April 5 respectively. More News

Choli Kee Peechee Kya Heey? ask students: School Kaa Peeche Javoo -sas Principal

Members of Indian School Ghala student group suspended for dirty behaviour in School Premises..It is party time..but not this way..Watch this space.

Worker Dies in Deep sleep as Company Owners delay and deny Salary for Months

MUSCAT - Fifty years old Rajendran Pillai (from Kottiyam in Kollam Kerala) had a tragic end while sleeping in a make to shift labour camp of Bogest Company in the Ghala Industrial area, Oman. The worker died after serving a company as a mason for nine long years. The deceased father of three girls, two married, died of unknown reasons, probably a heart attack, while he was in deep sleep with three other workers in a small room. "Rajendran died sometimes in the night after he went to sleep with mental depression. Full Report

Fees for NRI students in DASA quota in NIT's

As you are aware EDCIL representatives are in Oman to sell the DASA quota in NIT's. Strangely for these coveted seats they found a new method of first come, first serve basis. Previous years it is used to be on the basis of SAT II score. Also this year the qualification marks are also lowered to 60 % from the previous years' 75%. So anybody who expect 60% marks can take provisional admission paying US $ 4000.00 (first year tution fees) plus registration fee of US $ 350.00. It means, merit no longer counts for these admissions. Naturally all the coveted branches in prefered colleges were grabbed by most average students who moved in fast.

Another aspect is being NRI's we are supposed to pay the ful tution fees & registartion fees along with foreign students. Interestingly students from SARC countries get 50% discount on tution & registration fees. That is a student from Bangladesh or Srilanka or Nepal or Pakistan need to pay only 50% of what an NRI student pay. What a perverted logic?Is there any Indian organization there to take up this issue and remedy this greatest injustice to all Indians living here? Or is it not worthwhile to take up? An NRI is not even equal to a foreigner from neoghbouring country? Can people coordinating for NORKA in Oman do something as it concerns more Malayalees than others?

Leading international gurus to participate in e-TQM College's e-learning conference in Dubai

Conference will address the fundamentals of e-learning and discuss its relevance to the Arab world

March 4, 2004 e-TQM College, the electronic college offering online courses in Total Quality Management (TQM) in the Arab world, will be holding an e-learning conference at the Dubai World Trade Centre on March 22, 2004, to raise awareness of e-learning and highlight the many benefits it offers. A number of local and international e-learning experts will be addressing the event. There will be three keynote speakers, followed by a panel discussion. More


KM Special Report.

Indian Ambassador prevents Social organizations from giving food and water to stranded Indian Workers.

Workers Cant Drink Embassy Water ; Have to leave with just a ticket: Kairali Channel Workers Channel hails the Ambassador for Sending Workers Home Empty Handed

MUSCAT - The fate of 55 Indian workers who are stranded in front of the Indian Embassy building here continues to remain bleak, as the embassy officials have failed to get any of their problems resolved. According to the workers, instead of lending a helping hand to the poor workers who are facing a grave situation in foreign country, the senior Indian embassy officials including the high profile Indian ambassador Talmiz Ahmed are allegedly acting in an inhuman and barbarian manner by preventing them from taking even a drop of drinking water from the embassy premises and not allowing social organizations to giving food, water or other support to them. Even though the embassy collects a fund from the public for workers welfare, nothing is given to the Indian workers. Workers also alleged that the senior embassy officials called the police to harass workers. But even the police officials felt sympathy for them. Workers allege that such actions are being taken by the embassy to help the local employer avoid payment of salary. More

Hikma Educational Institute celebrated the completion of fourth year after its inception at the Institute premises with gaiety.- Special report Nishad Anwar.


Heads of eGovernment teams from Dubai's government departments updated on www.dubai.ae's offerings

CIA fed Soviets faulty technology to subvert Economy

WASHINGTON - In January 1982, President Reagan approved a CIA plan to sabotage the economy of the Soviet Union through covert transfers of technology that contained hidden malfunctions, including software that later triggered a huge explosion in a Siberian natural gas pipeline, according to a new memoir by a Reagan White House official. A report by DAVID E. HOFFMAN; The Washington Post Thomas C. Reed, a former Air Force secretary who was serving in the National Security Council at the time, describes the episode in "At the Abyss: An Insider's History of the Cold War," to be published next month by Ballantine Books.Reed writes that the pipeline explosion was just one example of "cold-eyed economic warfare" against the Soviet Union that the CIA carried out under Director William J. Casey during the final years of the Cold War More

Elite Ambassador - off the people; Buy the People - Far the people

India is a country of Daridranarayanans (poor people) and the diplomatic missions abroad are expected to work for them. However, the Indian Ambaassador in Muscat seems to be a different man altogether. Almost all the former ambassadors used to invite elite and ordinary members of the Indian community to participate in the customary republic day celeberations held in India House, a palace like villa. More

Programme of Mobilising Local Support to Primary Schools (P L U S) launched

Feb 27: The Government has launched a Programme of Mobilising Local Support to Primary Schools (PLUS) to seek voluntary support from the community for the elementary education sector. More Indian UK and UN News

Dubai eGovernment introduces free online payment facility
for public services through ePay

February 26,2004 Dubai citizens can now make online payments for public services at no
additional cost, using the ePay facility on Dubai eGovernment's Payment Gateway.
The free service is provided by Dubai eGovernment as part of its goal of
simplifying the lives of the people and the business community, by offering a
unified mode of payment for public services. This will benefit citizens who had
to previously pay a processing or user fee to make online payments for
some government services.Full Report and More News

Hundreds of prisoners pardoned on Kuwait national holidays.Full Report and More News

First private Liberal Arts University opens doors in Kuwait

by M..P. Kuttippuram

Kuwait February 23, 2004 September 2004 will see the start of the first semester of the first, private Liberal Arts University in Kuwait. The new university is comprised of two schools of study: the College of Arts and Sciences, and the School of
Management. Established to meet students' need for an American style liberal arts
education, without leaving Kuwait
Full Report and More News

Five year jail term to lover for abetting suicide of cine actress Prathyusha

New Delhi Feb 24: The Metropolitan Sessions Judge, Hyderabad, convicted the accused Siddharth Reddy in the suicide case of cine Telgu actress Prathyusha and sentenced him to undergo Rigorous Imprisonment for a preiod of 5 years and also to pay a total fine of Rs.6,000/-.Kum. Prathyusha, a 22-year old upcoming cine actress fell in love with one Siddharth Reddy while they were studying in a college in Hyderabad during 1996. More News


Pentecostal parents from kerala well settled in America invite marriage proposal for their son 28 years old MBBS Doctor, 178 cm, very handsome, white complexion. Parents of girls with MBBS or M. Pharm or M.Sc. Microbiology or Biochemistry or Masters in engineering with at least 158 cm height may contact in U.S.A.by phone at 203-746-3413 or by E-Mail at godisgreat56@yahoo.com More

Arab States Urged To Improve Protection Of Abused Children

Feb 25: Guaranteeing a safe environment at home is critical to addressing the issue of child abuse, particularly given the desire of so many children to return home despite past mistreatment, experts concluded today at a regional conference in Amman, Jordan organized by the International Society for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect. Full Report

Globalization Failing The Poor, ILO Study Says

Feb 25: The current globalization model benefits few and creates imbalances that are ethically unacceptable and politically unsustainable, says a new study released yesterday by the International Labor Organization, which is calling on countries to build a more inclusive model. Full Report

Swiss real estate market: apartments make headway More

Baroness Symons rejects NGO accusations on exports of military components

Feb 25: Responding to the report 'Lock, Stock and Barrel - How British Arms
Components Add up to Deadly Weapons', Foreign Office Minister Baroness Symons said:
"I welcome the report's finding that the Government has a system ofrobust export control criteria aimed at preventing the misuse of defence equipment supplied from the UK. However, the report provides no evidence for its claim that we are not as tough on components of defence equipment as we are on complete systems. It is simply not
the case. More UK News Full Report

U.S. business leaders gather in New York to learn about investment opportunities in Dubai

February 25, 2004, Dubai, UAE - Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem, Chairman of Nakheel, LLC, hosted a luncheon with influential U.S. based business leaders in New York this week. The dialogue focused on business opportunities in Dubai and how innovative strategies established by the government are working to help The U.A.E. diversify away from an oil-centric economy and strengthen its competitive role in today's global market place. Dubai was presented by Bin Sulayem as "the world's fastest growing city".

New Law on staff salaries in Kuwait

The Kuwait Ministry of Social Work and Labour has started to implement the new law on staff salaries for employees in the private sector. It has been announced that, from March 1, the ministry will not process administrative papers for private companies, unless they produce evidence that staff salaries are being paid into bank accounts. It will be recalled that the ministry had previously given the private sector a three months notice to prepare for implementing this directive. Reports by KM Kuwait Correspondent M..P. Kuttippuram More

 CII DelegationVisits Kuwait to enter Iraq Reconstruction Market; Art of Living in KuwaitMore

Excerpts from the Secret Circular No.411 issued by the RSS to handle backward class and Scheduled Caste..Systematic Elimination ..

Scheduled Castes and Other Backward Classes are to be recruited to the party so as to increase the volunteers to fight against the Ambedkarites and Mussalmans. Hindutva should be preached with a vengeance among physicians and pharmacists so that, with their help, time expired [sic.] and spurious medicines might be distributed amongst the Scheduled Castes, Mussalmans and Scheduled Tribes. The newborn infants of Shudras, Ati-Shudras, Mussalmans, Christians and the like should be crippled by administering injections to them. To this end, there should be a show of blood-donation camps. Encouragement and instigation should be carried on [sic.] more vigorously so that the womenfolk of Scheduled Castes, Mussalmans and Christians live by prostitution. Plans should be made more fool-proof so that the people of the Scheduled Castes, Backward Classes, Musslamans and Christians, especially the Ambedkarites, become crippled by taking in [sic.] harmful eatables. Special attention should be given to the students of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes so as to make them read the history written according to our dictates. During riots the women of Mussalmans and Scheduled Castes should be gang-raped. Friends and acquaintances cannot be spared. The work should proceed on the Surat model. More

India to set up Remote Sensing Unit in Maldives

Feb 23: India to undertake satellite imaging and aerial services for Maldives as well as set up a Remote Sensing Unit in the Island for analysing and updating the data created from digital mapping. An agreement on this has already been signed and the project is currently under implementation. India has conveyed to Maldives that it is ready to provide the services on a continuing basis. More News

Nigerian State Going Ahead With Polio Vaccine Boycott. More News

KM Mate

Ratan Tata to head steering group for preparing action plan to utilise hydrogen and fuel cells

Feb 23: Shri Kariya Munda, Minister for Non-Conventional Energy Sources constituted a Steering Group under the Chairmanship of Shri Ratan Tata, Chairman, Tata Sons while chairing the first meeting of recently set up National Hydrogen Energy Board here today. Shri A. Mahindra, President, CII will be the Co-Chairman of the group. More News

New Divisional Manager Joins Omasco

Oman Marketing and Services Co has appointed a new dynamic Indian technocrat, George Renjith Alexander as the new divisional manager (electronics).More

Centaur Hotel Privatisation Caused Rs.145 crores loss to Government as Sangh Parivar is busy engaged in selling profit making public sector companies at throw away prices.

Ashoka Hotel Deal with Oman based group also caused multicrore loss to the state exchequer?

NEW DELHI - February 21, 2004. The CPI (M), a leading left political party in India has demanded a Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) probe into the dubious sale of the government-owned Centaur Hotel of Mumbai, which, according to the Comptroller and Auditor General report, caused a Rs 145.69 crores revenue loss to the state exchequer. Opening a Pandora's box of corruption and favouritism involving businessmen, politicians and middlemen, the new controversy is an eye opener to various privatization deals made by the Central Government headed by Atal Behari Vajpayee.More

 Centaur Hotel Bombay - Rs.145 crore loss to government. Ahoka Kovalam, a property worth more than Rs.100 crores was sold hurriedly to an NRI Businessman. What role did the state industrial and financial institutions play in the dubious deal to sell a central government asset to a private party?  Ashoka Hotel  Kovalam Rs.20 crore? How much is the public loss and private gain? A thorough probe will reveal how much money is spend to acquire a pemium property at throw away price read more

ADL asks Vatican to condemn 'The Passion'

VATICAN CITY - A Jewish leader met with Vatican officials this week to ask them to restate church teachings on the Crucifixion, saying Mel Gibson's new film contradicts the church's position that the Jews as a people were not responsible for Jesus' death.A top Vatican official who met with Abraham Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League, said Wednesday that no such statement was planned. U.S. Archbishop John P. Foley, who heads the Vatican's social communications office, again praised the film, "The Passion of the Christ," and said he found nothing anti-Semitic in it.Full Report

Students from the College of Fine Arts who won the second prize in group folk dance during Youth Festival - Pictures and report by R S Priya - KM Correspondent

Kalapratibha and Kalathilakam with K.S.Chithra, Thiruvananthapuram Youth Festival

Visiting high-level Iraqi delegation sees bigger role for UAE in reconstruction efforts in southern Iraq

DNRD hosts the visit aimed at highlighting opportunities for Emarati
companies to join reconstruction efforts in Iraq
February 19, 2004 A high level Iraqi delegation, led by the Governor of Basra, His Excellency Wael Abdelateef Hussain, is currently in Dubai to discuss opportunities for cooperation on several reconstruction projects in southern Iraq with Emirati companies and UAE government officials. The delegation, comprising twenty prominent Iraqi business and government representatives was hosted by Dubai Naturalisation and Residency Department (DNRD). More

Construction on Dubai Festival City Elements to Begin on Event Site

DUBAI- February 19, 2004. Global Village, the international attraction of the Dubai Shopping Festival, again exceeded all visitor expectations this year with over five million people visiting the event in its final year at Dubai Festival City, before moving to the planned new Emirates Road permanent venue.More

U.S. Weighs Shift in Iraq Self-Rule Plan

The Bush administration is considering a major shift in its plan for transition to Iraqi self-rule, possibly extending and expanding the U.S.-appointed Governing Council so it can take temporary control of the country on July 1, a senior U.S. official said Wednesday.The serious consideration of that option comes as the Bush administration waits for U.N. help - now delayed by at least a week - in settling differences among Iraqi leaders on how to meet the July 1 U.S. deadline. Full Report

Palm Properties to be Showcased in Dubai

Dubai 19, February, 2004 IFA Hotels & Resorts, a subsidiary of Kuwait based International Financial Advisors (IFA), is to showcase its luxury Palm Jumeriah Residence apartments for the first time in Abu Dhabi, at next week’s Global Real Estate show. More

Priest found dead after seeing bishop over gay-sex letter

A priest was found dead two days after meeting a Roman Catholic bishop over a letter alleging the bishop was part of "a ring of homosexual priests, reported the Independent.Full Report

Medical Mistake in Saudi Hospital Cost Police officers Life Simple Procedure Sends Police Officer Into Coma

Sixty Workers Accommodated in a New Posh Villa

MUSCAT - Sixty Workers of Socat Muscat, a group company of Zubair Enterprises, had a sigh of relief when the management offered them a new accommodation with sufficient toilet facilities following a report in keralamonitor.com about their plight. It may be recalled that the Zubair group Company used to huddle sixty workers in a single villa in the Wattaya area. Workers could not attend to call of nature or pass urine peacefully. Keralamonitor.com is still a small medium, but some of our stories are yielding the desired results. That is the greatest recognition. Our journalist friends in the local media shut their eyes and ears towards the grave problems facing the man on street. Thank you Omanforum.com for starting a healthy discussion on the topic- Editor. -- See our story below filed last week.

Sixty Workers of leading business Group Company have only one Bathroom!

About 60 Indian workers who are working for a leading business group in Oman are facing a difficult time in passing urine or attending to the call of nature because the "company accommodation" has only one bathroom. While many construction companies are notorious for denying basic facilities to their workers, the 1 for 58 forumula seems to be a new equation of cutting expenses and punishing workers! - Watch this space for the detailed report about Socat Camp in Wattaya. Senior officials of the company monopolise 2 bathrooms. Workers are engaged in plugging the loophole of another bathroom which they used earlier. Thanks to Oman's New Progressive Labour Rule and the Indian Ambassador Talmiz Ahmeds concern for the workers right..

Striking Salalah Workers Forcibly Removed from Indian Embassy Premises

Ffifty years old Gopala Pillai, another worker of United Contracting Company, Salalah died of cancer in Kerala ten days after he was send home for further treatment. The Sultan Qaboos Hospital diagnosed his disease and recommended further treatment in Kerala. However, the United Contractors was reluctant to send him for treatment as the Indian "manager" and Omani owner considered the diseases theory as "yet another pretext to go home"! Well the Indian worker died ten days after reaching Kerala and his salary is still pending with United Contracting company owned by a big Omani businessman. His hospital bill was paid from his pending salary! Venu Attingal from Trivandrum, like his colleagues, has worked fifteen years had his last vacation four years back.Full Report

Bank's Mega Prize Schemes to Lure big Customers, Favour Group Employees?

Banks in Oman have found a novel method to honour their clients as well as their group company employees. Recently a official of a leading automobile distribution company was honoured with a prize from Bank Muscat, with a view to securing business wit this firm. Similarly Oman International bank also awards prizes to Omzest employees. It is essential that prizes awarded to deposit holders should include all deposit holders and the draw should be conducted publicly to avoid such glaring bungles.Discuss.

Working Group to control Counterfeit Products

New Delhi - The Department of Consumer Affairs has set up a Working Group to look into the problem of counterfeiting, fake, spurious and contraband products on the recommendations of the Central Consumer Protection Council. Working Groups were also set up to look into different areas of consumer welfare like Food Safety, Misleading Advertisements, Drugs, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices, Consumer Health & Safety concerning Tobacco Products and a Group to formulate New Acts or amend the existing Acts relating to Consumer Interest.

Ten Year Old Pakistani Boy’s Headless Body Horrifies Residents of Saudi City

MADINAH, 10February 2004 — One more young expatriate boy has been raped and murdered in Saudi Arabia. The headless body of a ten-year-old Pakistani boy in the Erwa Valley in Madinah has horrified the city. According to the Arab News, Saudi Police have interrogated three suspects, two Saudis and a Chadian with a criminal record.More

Badr Al Samaa is Online with Multimedia Website

KM Journalist Makes Creative Hospital Site

MUSCAT - Badral Samaa, the leading polyclinic in the Sultanate, has created another milestone by launching an interactive multimedia website to provide patients with relevant information on the World Wide Web. "In order to make our presence in the world wide web, the polyclinic has created this new website to cater to the growing number of net users in Oman and other parts of the world," said Abdul Latheef and Vinod, Directors, Badr Al Samaa. Designed in flash and hypertext format, the website provides information about various departments and doctors through easy navigation channels. The interctivew multimedia website is designerd by V M Sathish, a former reporter with the Oman Daily Observer, who has joined the editorial team of the New York Times group. More

Funding Gujarath Violence from Oman?

How Much Money Went from certain fundamentalist Indian leaders to fund saffron organisations that killed hundreds of innocent Muslim minority in Gujarath. It is learned that some leading Indian business tycoon in Gulf were allegedly funding communal riots indirectly or directly that caused death and destruction to minorities in Gujarath.-- Watch this space.

Obesity - New Epidemics? -health monitor

‘Obesity, overweight and high body mass’ has been recognized as one of the top ten health risks to people, by the World Health Organisation (WHO). The figures are mind-boggling. The affected populations have increased to epidemic proportions - more than one billion adults worldwide are overweight and at least 300 million are clinically obese. These are estimates prepared by the WHO. Obesity rates have risen three-fold or more since 1980 in some areas of North

America, the UK, Eastern Europe, the Middle-East, Australia and China. A new demographic transition in developing countries is producing rapid increases in Body Mass Index (BMI), particularly among young. More

No Change in Income Tax Structure More News

Interim Vote Bank Budget Presented

The Finance Minister, Shri Jaswant Singh, today announced measures to fully consolidate and continuously enhance the growth momentum which the country has achieved. Presenting the Interim Budget for 2004-05 in the Lok Sabha today, the Finance Minister reiterated the government’s responsibility to encourage the economy which was set on the path of accelerated growth. Pointing out that national contentment would lead to the birth of objectives, the Finance Minister said “Garib ke pet me dana, Grihini ki tukia mein anna”. More

Interim Budget Presented New Economic Measures Announced

Dr.P.Mohammed Ali being Honoured by the Indian community.More

KM Cartoon Forum

KM Cartoon Series -"Sadanandan's World

Politics = Power Struggle More so in Kerala of 2004.

What made the Christian Lobby - Malabari Mafia Campaign Against Kerala Monitor Journalist

Oh Jesus, Please Forgive them for all the sins committed in your name!

.Starting with a sensational report in the Asianet News channel about the illegal trafficking of woman by one of the Pious Christians in Muscat, the Malabari Mafia kings have been at loggerheads with the KM journalist for obvious reasons. one such Malayali Messiah used to recruit innocent Christian girls from various parts Kerala using his Church/Pastor connection and forced them into to the lucrative prostitution in the Gulf. The mafia king used to run a syndicate of illicit liquor trade and woman trafficking using the church links in the Gulf and Kerala as a cover. Reporting this criminal activity in the Asianet by the journalist really embarrassed the born again Christians, who started a covert campaign to tarnish the journalist in public. Pressure tactics and threatening calls did not persuade the journalist from reporting the crime in Asianet. The culprits had to sent back the girl from Ernakulam , their anger against the journalist was natural. The Malabaris mafia ganged up with the rest of Indian mafia who are indulged in similar criminal activity. They bribed some crucial people in Asianet and managed to get the journalist's services terminated from the Malayalam channel. While the local Gulf media are also controlled by this mafia, reporting such crime is often equated with crime/ illegal activity by the elite journalists . Whether it was a question of giving private school license to one individual or reporting about mismanagement of finances or discrimination against certain ethnic groups, KM has been quite an embarrassment to a powerful Mafia in the Gulf. Naturally the lobby acted in self defense and started a multifaceted campaign to malign the journalist. Even the service of some senior Christian journalists working in the media was used in this perverted hate campaign- Read more and watch this space for more sensational revelation.

Malayali Girl from Ernakulam had a narrow Escapes from Sex Mafia.

Earlier KM report of June 2001

"After the first Asinet news about me, I was taken to the Police Station and to the Indian Embassy." Due to their threats and to escape from the place I told them "I have no problem." After the second Asianet News, they took me again to the police station and Indian Embassy . "I told one Malayali Indian Embassy official (Rahim) about all the problems and he told the problem to the Indian Ambassador. Next day my employer forced me to write a statement saying that I had no problem and this statement was given to the Indian Embassy." "Next day they made me read the same statement in front of a Video Camera. When I refused to make the statement in front of the camera, they threatened me with dire consequences-- I was told that throughout life, I would be put in prison in Oman. Therefore I obeyed and made the statement in front of the video camera." "Since nobody was there to speak on my behalf or support me in Gulf , I gave such written statements to the Embassy," she said. "They were searching for the people who complained to the Indian Embassy and the Asianet correspondent in Muscat. They threatened me saying that whoever is behind this news will be found out and she will be send home only after that." The unmarried young Malayali lady (30 years) from a village in Ernakulam district was brought to the Gulf to work as a sales girl in a beauty shop. Full Report

US Military in Southern Oman not facing Terrorist Attack !

January 31, 2004 A new warden message of the US Embassy in Muscat rescinds the January 27 warden message, which was based on “unsubstantiated threat information aimed at Western military interests in southern Oman.” "After subsequent analysis, that “unsubstantiated threat information” was determined to be not credible, and we hereby rescind our January 27 warden message, effective immediately," said Wesley Robertson Chief, Consular Section U.S. Embassy Muscat in a new SOS alert from the US Embassy in Muscat. "The U.S. Government remains deeply concerned about the security of U.S. citizens overseas. U.S. citizens are cautioned to maintain a high level of vigilance, to remain alert and to take appropriate steps to increase their security awareness. U.S. Embassy Muscat reminds all citizens that the Worldwide Caution issued by the State Department on January 10, 2004, remains in effect. The Embassy's Consular Section can be contacted by phone at (968) 698-989 ext. 294 or 216; Fax: (968) 699-189 during normal working hours. For emergencies after hours, please contact (968) 699 049.

US Military in Southern Oman may witness Terrorist Attack

"The U.S. Government has received an unsubstantiated report of a possible terrorist threat aimed at Western military interests in southern Oman. The U.S. Government remains deeply concerned about the security of U.S. citizens overseas. U.S. citizens are cautioned to maintain a high level of vigilance, to remain alert and to take appropriate steps to increase their security awareness," the American Embassy in Mucat said in a red alert. More


Three Doctors Dispute How David Kelly Died

Letters forwarded to national British newspapers

As medical professionals, a trauma & orthopaedic surgeon, a specialist anaesthesiologist, and a diagnostic radiologist, we do not think evidence given at the Hutton Inquiry has demonstrated that Dr David Kelly committed suicide.Dr Nicholas Hunt, the forensic pathologist who appeared at the Hutton Inquiry, concluded that Dr Kelly bled to death from a self-inflicted wound in his left wrist. We consider this highly improbable. Arteries in the wrist are of matchstick thickness and severing them does not lead to drastic blood loss. Dr Hunt stated that the only artery that had been cut - the ulnar artery - was completely transected. Complete transection means the artery quickly retracts, promoting clotting of the blood: "When an artery is completely divided, the highly elastic quality of its wall causes it to retract into the tissues, thereby diminishing the calibre of the vessel and promoting clotting." More www.propagandamatrix.com/260104doctorsdispute.html

Bush Brother's Illicit Sex, Divorce Produces Some Startling Disclosures

Neil Bush had sex with women who showed up uninvited at his hotel rooms in Asia, a court was told ." He had an affair and may have fathered a child out of wedlock, reported a leading Newspaper." He stands to make millions from businesses in which he has little expertise - including a computer-chip company managed in part by the son of former Chinese president Jiang Zemin. Bush defends the fees he has received for consulting jobs. But he gave little insight into whether the women who offered him sex in Hong Kong and Taiwan were perhaps paid by mysterious benefactors. In a deposition Bush told the lawyer for his wife of 23 years, Sharon, that the women did not ask him for money and he did not pay them anything. Full Report http://news.scotsman.com/latest.cfm?id=2458657

Journalist Suspended from Club Membership

T.N.Shaji Journalist, Muscat is suspended from the Indian Social Club Malayalam Wing membership allegedly for disturbing the Committee meeting after drinking, an allegation denied by the member. According to sources, the ISC Malayalam Wing convener Kalidasan has issued a suspension notice to Shaji, which will effectively disqualify Usha Shaji from the club's committee membership. This is part of the ongoing power struggle between Kalidasan on the one hand and former office bearers who are strong in the parent body now. While the fabricated charges and leveled against members of the opposite groups, the only victim is the Kerala community, which is witnessing all these drama silently.

Thiruvananthapuram Colleges lead Youth Festival


Thiruvananthapuram : It was with the Monoact performances that the second day of Kerala University Youth Fest 2004 began. In the stiff competition that took place at the University College, there were around 33 participants. The main themes presented included the leakage of P.S.C question papers, Self financed colleges and its future, Kumarakom boat disaster, globalization and the growing mobile phone culture in the state. More

CAT urges Foreign Office to review K M Meena's promotion

KM(M)Stand on Indian Schools vindicated

NEW DELHI - Giving a fitting reply to the Indian big business in Oman, especially the corrupt coterie of Non Resident Indians who have bribed a senior official with woman wine and money to get K M Meena transferred from Muscat as the Indian Ambassador, the Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT) has issued a strong ruling asking the MEA to review its decision tnot to promote the diplomat to a senior position. The strongly worded ruling against the MEA official, especillay the controversial one who was acting on behalf of the big Indian shaikhs, indicates that K M Meena may come back to MEA service as he had had resigned from diplomatic services in protest against the alleged harassment by his superior Abhayankar. In his petition, Meena had raised serious question marks about the personal integrity of his senior diplomat, who has favoured a private Indian businessman in Oman to get undue favours in the form of allowing private school in violation of Omani education rules and the Indian government advise to various missions abroad. The CAT was briefed about the alleged visit of Abhayankar to a night club in a Five Star Hotel in Muscat and the billing of his randevouz to the Government account. Abhayankar had transferred Meena to Vietnam, which the latter refused to accept. The CAT ruling is a warning that truth and justice will finally prevail upon evil does, whatever be their financial position and influence. -- Watch this space for full Report

Former Oman Police Official Arrested in India for Espionage Charges?

Habib Ibrahim Rehmutala, ex-policemen of Oman, his wife Sonu Nagma and Indian agent Bhagwan Sahai working as an abettor were arrested in India, Inspector-General of Police A K Jain announced recently." A number of telephone diaries, e-mail addresses, photos and documents were seized from their house after they were arrested at a bus stand which they used frequently for transmitting information to Pakistan, Jain said. Having a number of passports from Nepal, Muscat (Oman), and Pakistan, Habib has got three wives, two in Oman, and eight children, Srivastava said. The main accused was the sub-inspector of police at Abu-Dhabi during 1982-96 and later in India used to send dancing groups to gulf countries," the SP said.A case under the Foreigners Act and the Official Secret Act has been registered against them, media reports said . More

St.Josephs Centenary celebrations begins

Jan 19 Thiruvananthapuram: St.Josephs Higher Secondary School, one of the premier schools in the capital city has completed 100 years. The school celebrated this auspicious occasion in a grand ceremony held at the School auditorium. The school which started functioning in 1905 will completes 100 years in the year 2005. The school community would celebrate the glorious long innings throughout the centenary year. More

Mustafa Sultan Exchange Company - State Bank Alliance Facing Trouble

The State Bank of India is not likely to renew the agreement for money exchange business with a leading BUSINESS partner in Oman for unknown reasons. In a drastic decision, SBI senior manager left the country in a hurry giving rise to speculation that the SBI decision to open its own branch in Muscat has upset local partners. KM learns that the agreement with SBI may not be renewed after September 2004 as part of a policy decision to reduce exposure to risky money exchange business.

Couples Online - Investors Allege that Indian couples duped them in Banglore by cheating in yet another Real Estate Fraud

NRIs continue to Build Castles in the Air

"We are trying to trace an absconding couple called Amar R... and Chri....(full names withheld) from Bangalore, India who have cheated me and a dozen others in property deals in Banglaore.   They have miss-appropriated millions and left many people homeless.  It is reliably learnt that they are holed up in Muscat and trying to bide their time till they migrate to Australia.  The last we heard was Amar was doing business in garments and then he gave up and started working for some company in Muscat.  We believe even his wife ... is also working and recently their son joined them from India.  Please beware they are ace con artists, any assistance in tracing them is a service to society and god only knows how many more people they are trying to cheat right now in Oman. Their most famous victim is Mr. Eswara Rao former Director of AIR, who having lost all his retirement money to this ...Amar and has been left with no money for medical treatment for his weak heart.--from an SOS send by a duped investor from Dohar Qatar More

Bankers tighten Steps to recover Hospital's outstanding Loans

"I would like to thank The India Ambassador and the Staff of The Indian Embassy for not offering me any assistance and even not responding to my letters dt 19th Aug & 10th Sept 2003,to ensure that my passport which is issued in the name of The President Of India to claimed back from my Company even though it has expired and I have been harassed and not been paid my dues which is my right as per the Omani Labors law since the past 25 months, writes Dinkoo Mistry about his story. As there was a case pending in the local court for my dues, I was not allowed to leave the country even in the event of my father's death. The question now remains that will the Indian Embassy issue a visit Visa to these people as still there is a case pending against them for my over due claims and will these people pay their dues while on visit in India? More

Kerala Teak Wood, Sandal Wood Plants Donated to Oman

Kerala Government Donates thousands of Teak, Manjiyam and Sandal Plants to Oman asa gesture of friendship. The NRI Federation, which brought Kerala Agriculture Minister Gouri Amma for a short visit during the Onam celeberations took a leading role in this new initiative. Oman Air has helped the association in transporting the plants to Oman. Now Oman's desert terrain will add another Kerala feature..More

Social Club Couples - Violent Husband of lady's wing Convener suspended from ISC Malayalam Wing membership for attacking lady CO convener.

Giving temporary respite to tension and depression following the heinous attack on the lady CO-convener of the ISC Malayalam Wing by another male member, the parent body, the Indian Social Club is learned to have taken some harsh, but undisclosed punitive action against the convener. The ISC gave directions to the adamant man to "suspend" or remove the male member who attacked Usha Shaji. Even though the convener and cultural coordinator Radhakrishnan wanted to protect the violent couple by pretending ignorance about the physical assault on a respected lady member which happened in front of the duo, the ISC seriously considered a medical certificate produced by the victim to prove that she was subjected to physical attack. Even though many club members have been misguided not to believe the physical attack theory, the lady member had clear marks caused by the severe blow with sandals . While the male member claimed that he attacked the journalist allegedly for misbehaviour, the ISC committee members, especially a sensible lady from the Khimji family, took a strong position against attacking a woman in public. "Who authorised him to attack the husband," she is said to have asked the convener. The whole argument of the convener and company appears to give an impression that attacking a male member, that also a journalist, is an accepted norm in ISC Malayalam Wing. Let us watch whether the media couple will regain their lost glory and stage a come back and replace the convener?

DNRD records 50 per cent jump in visitors from visa-on-arrival category countries Reaffirming its Multi-vendor policy: Al Alamiah Group announces a strategic collaboration with HP

Two Indian Sisters Gang Raped by Five Youth on the orders of an Indian businessman in the Gulf..More

PCO Pays more than the PDO

A senior member of the Church has raised an alarm bell about the abnomrally high payment offered to a senior pastor, which claims is about RO 1700 per month (equivalent to two lakh Indian rupees)! While some of the pastors get as low as RO 600 per month, many others render voluntary service for the sake of God. If it is a basic religious principal taught by all the priests is that all are equal before the God. How come some pastors are more equal than others? We dont believe that the colour of the skin matters much before God! Read the following message posted by a respected member of the Church community in Muscat. More

Indian Construction Workers treated like Slaves by Prominent Indian..Alleges a Humanist. See the Discussion forum

Keralolsavam 2004 Announced.

Talmiz Ahmed Acts on Behalf of Indian Workers

MUSCAT - The Indian Ambassador Talmiz Ahmed has lashed out at seven Omani companies which cause undue delay in payment to Indian workers for several months, creating a horrible living condition for them. At a hurriedly convened press conference on Wednesday, the ambassador released the name of leading companies like Desert Palm (is it owned and managed by a member of the Khimji family - related to the Pravasi Bharathi Award winner last year??), Modern Construction (managed by another prominent Indian?), Universal Garments, Hallaf Trading, Darsait Heights and Dalma Trading. About 300 workers of these companies have been pestering the Indian embassy seeking justice. KM appreciates the humanitarian gesture shown by Talmiz Ahmed and his team of diplomats in trying to highlight the issue. Paradoxically enough, leading regional newspapers did not carry the report for unknown reasons. Reflecting the systemic bias of the local media towards workers problems, the two local English dailies jointly "censored" the sensitive statement of the ambassador for unknown reasons. The media is supposed to be a watchdog but journalists here dont have the value of even dogs. Even the expatriate friendly paper has censored the news about the man on street.

Ambassador Lashes Out At Haifa for Non Payment of Salary, but appoints the company General Manager as Indian School Darsait President!

It looks awkward that the Indian Ambassador who has severely criticised Haifa Constructin for non payment of salary has simultaneously honoured the company's General Manager by appointing him as the President of a leading Indian community school in Oman. It is public knowledge that the problem facing hundreds of Haifa Construction workers has been pending with the Indian Embassy and the labour court for several months. At one time, the workers had manhandled senior company staff for failing to fulfil their commitment to make payment or settle their dues. Knowing fully the situation, the Indian Embassy has in fact "honoured" Mr.George Mathew, General Manager Haifa Construction by appointing him to a prestigious position of responsibility. Is that not a double standard on the part of the Indian Embassy and the ambassador? . KM does not blame the General Manager for the company's problems or its payment problem. However, we feel ashamed that such facts are totally neglected by a senior diplomat while taking crucial decisions. The new board of Indian school is filled with representatives of a particular class or group. This is not non interference as loudly claimed by the ambassador.

Invading Iraq not a new idea for Bush clique

But in reality, Rumsfeld, Vice President Dick Cheney, and a small band of conservative ideologues had begun making the case for an American invasion of Iraq as early as 1997 - nearly four years before the Sept. 11 attacks and three years before President Bush took office. More

Secret Letter written by the Oil Energy linked War Cabinet four years before September 11

Tanmia collaborates with National Bank of Sharjah to organize job-focused training for UAE nationals

January 10, 2004 Continuing its aggressive campaign to place UAE nationals in the labour market, Tanmia, the National Human Resource Development and Employment Authority, in collaboration with the National Bank of Sharjah, recently began to provide job-oriented training courses for fresh recruits, in association with a private training institute.The initiative follows a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Tanmia and the National Bank of Sharjah to select UAE nationals registered with Tanmia and provide them with skills that match the bank's requirements through on-job training programmes. Full Report

Media Monitor - Times of Oman, Reuters and Al Jazeera Correspondents face harassment- Watch this space.

Indian takes Lucent Technologies to Court for violating Labour Rules

A leading American company which has produced Nobel Prize winners and major scientific advances, has been taken to the labour court by a keralite in Saudi Arabia and in the US for violating Saudi regulations The litigants include, among others, Vikraman Nannoo, an Indian national, who was fired when he protested some of Lucent's policies. Earlier last year, National Group of Communications and Computers Ltd (NGC), a Saudi company, filed a civil lawsuit against Lucent Technologies. NGC currently operates as Silki La Silki Telecommunications Company Click for more

Media Monitor: Social Club PRO

Ggetting their photos (with celebrities) published in local newspapers is a major weakness for the office bearers of social organisations. The ISC Malayalam Wing convener normally has a tough time accommodating the ego of each wing commanders. In one instance, a sports coordinator was so furious that instead of putting his photograph along with P T Usha, the local newspapers carried a picture showing the ISC Cultural coordinator with the sports celebrity. More

A Scene of the Cultural programme “Bharat Ki Shringar Parampara directed by Shri Muzaffar Ali, at the 2nd Pravasi Bharatiya Divas – 2004 in New Delhi on January 11, 2004. (Sunday)

Pravasi bharath Day Pictures

Award Winners with the Indian President

Anoushka Shankar daughter of the legendary sitar virtuoso Pandit Ravi Shankar and a unique artist with tremendous talent in understanding the great musical tradition of India,

Finally Sruthi Bhadran is Kalathilakam!

Dancing sensation continues to bag First Prizes in Kerala too!

: Sruthi R. Bhadran, the young dancing talent from Muscat who is currently studying in Kerala has bagged five first prizes out of 8 single dance and music items in which she competed at the Kayamkulam sub district level. For three items, she got second prize only.She got first prize in Kuchuppudi, Kathakali, Folk Dance (single) English and Arabic Padhyaparayanam (poetry recitation) In Bharathanatyam, Mohiniyattam and Mappilapattu she got second prizes. Altogether she got 77 points to get the much coveted Kalathilakam trophy. It may be recalled that due to internal politics, she was not given a Kalathilakam by the Indian Social Club Malayalam Wing.Sruthi is the daughter of Bhadran (Omasco, Muscat) and Lalitha (KM News)

$100 billion Reserves Reflect Indian Economic Muscle Power?

India’s rising foreign exchange reserves have, sooner than expected, hit the 100 billion dollar mark. This reflects the country’s growing economic muscle, underpinning its ability to conduct sound external policies and overcome any shocks from the global exchange rate or financial systems. Till the 1980s, India had been under continuous pressure on the foreign exchange front and had to seek, from time to time, balance of payments support from the International Monetary Fund, apart from relying on external development assistance, bilateral and multilateral, to finance development. Full Report

Construction Worker?s body being transported home

From Saudi Arabia : Tearful homecoming of Gulf expatriates

KOCHI, JAN. 10. When the Boeing 777-300 of Emirates landed at Cochin International Airport, Nedumbassery, this morning, there were quite a few onlookers at the airport curious to see Boeing's most advanced aircraft as well as its 340-odd passengers. Their curiosity must have grown as a group of haggard-looking passengers got off the aircraft and walked towards the emigration counters, reported the Hindu Newspaper. More

Pravasi Bharathiya Divas Celebration.

"I am delighted to be with all of you once again at this inaugural function of the 2nd Pravasi Bharatiya Divas. I still carry the memory and melody of that occasion, exactly a year ago, when we were left enchanted by the jugalbandi of Ustad Bismillah Khan's shehnai and Pandit Ravi Shankar's sitar. What they together created was both soul-stirring music and a pointed metaphor and we felt the same way today as we heard another enchanted Jugalbandi by L. Subramaniam and Sultan Khan. It reminded us that Pravasi Bharatiya Divas itself is a celebration of the jugalbandi between the 22-million strong Indian Diaspora and your motherland, between the Bharatvasis and the Bharatvanshis More. News

Galfar Mohammed Ali Rewarded with Pravasi Award

MUSCAT — Work had taken P. Mohamed Ali, managing director of Galfar Engineering and Contracting LLC, the flagship of the Galfar Group of Companies, somewhere into the desert, in the interior of Oman, when he suddenly received a call on his mobile, late last week. It was the Indian Ambassador, Talmiz Ahmed, calling up to inform Mohamed Ali that he had received the Pravasi Bharatiya Samman (Award), read Adarsh Madhavan's special Report on Dr.P Mohammed Ali, the most prominent Indian in the Gulf Link http://www.timesofoman.com/newsdetails.asp?newsid=48638

Beware of HIV Positive Needles in Pubic Places

There are all sorts of loons loose in the world. This happened in Paris. A few weeks ago, in a movie theatre, a person Felt something poking from her seat. When she got up to see what it was, She found a needle sticking out of the seat with a note attached saying : "You have just been infected by HIV". More

Is the US military torturing Iraqis with electricity?

Mabrook Mohammed Ali

Dr.P. Mohammed Ali, Managing Director, Galfar Engineering and Contracting Company has been given the Pravasi Bharathiya Award by the Indian Government.

Keeping its tradition of rewarding "Prominent Indians", Kanaksi Khimji another Indian based in Oman was given the same award last year. While KM congratulates Mr. Mohammed Ali for his latest achievement, we remain skeptical about the rationale of giving Pravasi Bharath Award to people who work against the common NRI's interest. Acknowledging that Mohammed Ali started his business empie from a humble beginning, some of his recent actions indicate that he forgets his past. The man who used to drive a pick up van through various construction projects in the Gulf has to remember the plight of such workers now. He should remember that these people cannot afford to have five star education paying huge sums as monthly fee.

Everyone in Muscat remembers the controversial manner in which the award winning Indians played their dirty role in gertting the former Indian Ambassador K M Meena transferred from Muscat. It is an open secret that the business tycoons have played their due role in the proces. The reason -Meena wanted the schools to reduce fees and function transparently.

Awards not Enough !

Dr.P.Mohammed Ali and Kank Khimji

Similarly the business lobby's role in getting a journalist "terminated" from an English daily in Muscat is not a secret . The journalist was subjected to various type of harassment -threatening calls, abusive letters and hate campaigns only because he wrote about the dubious role played by the tycoons in the Indian school controversy . The business lobby's role in opposing the introduction of a cheap shipping service from Gulf to India and the suboage of a plan to introduce low cost air service in the gulf route , the abnormally high fees charged by the Indian School Ghala illegally "owned" by Mohammed Ali and sqeueezing of ordinary parents remain black marks on the towering personality of Mr. Mohammed Ali -. Editor

Reproduced below is what people in Muscat feel ....Back to School

Reduce Fee in Indian Schools by 15 per cent! Urges parent

I request Indian School Board to reduce the school fee atleast by 15% which will give a little relief to the parents. They also should consider reduction if two children are there from the same family. A Parent KM Discussion Forum

Construction Group owes RO 116 million to bannks!!!Watch Out.

Indian tycoons sell stake in loss making bank..as regulators tighten monitoring of bad loans portfolio.Watch Out.

Re: fee in Indian School Muscat (school News)

Your request is something impossible. There are 2 demands for our expats which can be looked at but never happen. The first is our air fare. Even after a lotor protests and requests at all levels, Air India and Indian Airlines are not prepared to reduce our air fares and for this each one of us should unite and boycot these airlines and teachthe government a lesson. We have other airlines to travel. More

The 2nd problem we are facing is School Fee. Only solution to this is that we don't pay the fee until they reduce the fee or approach the Oman Govt. for their assistance to allow our children to study in their school or seek their permission to open up new private schools by highlighting these problems we are facing. Definitely there will be lot of private parties willing to open up new schools with high standards at lower fee levels. For this also, we need unity and this is what we expats are lacking in all respects.More

Indian School Ghala Charges RO 50 per month!

I wonder how much is the monthly fees in ISM? I am talking about the total amount a parent has to shell out! Incidently do you know that average monthly fees in Indian School Al Ghubra is close to RO. 50/- (including tution fees of RO. 35/- + lab + computer+ stationary + + + + miscellaneous fees)? I am sure ISM fees is nowhere near that. Why nobody talks about ISG anymore? Is it justifiable? Who cares, isn't it? Indian Embassy? You are joking! All these so called socal clubs? Forget it! And those guardian angels of 'Pravasi Malayali'rights? No way! More

Lasen&Toubro Ltd bags $ 30 million project in UAE

Mumbai, Jan 5: Engineering and construction company Larsen & Toubro Ltd (L&T) has bagged an EPC order worth US dollar 30 million for upgrading facilities at the Bu Hasa project of the gas gathering and processing company GASCO at Abu Dhabi, said the company More News

ISC Malayal am Wing replaces Lady Coordinator with new member

A hurriedly convened meeting of the Indian Social Club Malayalam Wing Management committee decided to terminate the service of Usha Shaji, the active and vocal co convener, so that convener Kalidasan can get assistance of a male member. It is a shame to the Indian community that the ISC has treated a lady member and her family in the most uncivilised and brutal manner. The committee members rallied behind the convener and did not discuss serious issues like an attack on a lady member after a committee meeting last week. A new co convenor, most probably, Mr. Gopakumar (Soory Muscat) or Lajuddin would be inducted soon. Sathish, another efficient and respected member of the committee has been sidelined. He has resigned his post in protest against the controversial manner in which the club has been managed in recent times. The ISC has issued a letter asking details about some of the incidents.

India, UK discuss multilateral and bilateral trade issues

Indo-UK trade crosses US $ 5 billion in 2002-03

Jan 5: India and the United Kingdom (UK) have expressed their keenness to enhance bilateral trade from its current levels, which was in excess of US $ 5 billion in 2002-03. This was indicated by Shri Arun Jaitley, Union Minister of Commerce & Industry and Mr. Mike O'Brien, British Trade Minister during discussions here today. The UK is the second largest trading partner of India. During the meeting, both the Ministers also emphasised the need to find a way out of the current impasse in WTO negotiations and to move the multilateral process forward. Shri Dipak Chatterjee, Commerce Secretary; Mr. Michael Arthur, the British High Commissioner and other senior representatives from both sides were present at the meeting.

Pravasi Malayali Welfare Association Vows to Fight Corruption, Implement Welfare projects for Overseas Keralites

Interview - Vellayani Sreekumar

The first branch of the association was formed in Kollam and now there are branches in 14 districts except Palakkad. Outside India it has branches in Abudhabi, Saudi Arabia, Muscat, London and Canada. Currently PMWA has a membership of around 40,000 Pravasis.Our plan is to start a printing press for pravasi malayalees where many people can be employed. Yet another project will be the Pravasi Supermarket where pravasi malayalees can get jobs and avail of discount facilities

Another aim of PMWA is to start hospitals, health centers and medical shops to provide employment to pravasi malayali families Life-saving medicines, which are available only in foreign countries would be made available for treatment. "Another aim of the Association is to provide social protection for the families of malayalees abroad. More by R S Priya

Club Monitor

ISC Comedy Show Continues as KM discussion heats Up!

The Indian Social Club has issued a 48 hour notice to the convener of ISC Malayalam Wing to explain the attack on the lady CO convener in front of the convener and a committee member. In turn Kalidasan has issued show cause notices to both the parties involved in the physical assault. Members are keenly watching the net outcome of these "show causes" and "counter show causes". While the lady CO convener and family have been in depression, the lady coordinator and family said they are peace loving and God fearing people. They say there was a slight provocation from the CO convener The lady co convener has given a written complaint to the ISC narrating the incident. KM understands that the whole episode is part of a drama being directed from behind the screen by a coterie of power hungry people "It is a shame to the Indian community that instead of pacifying the lady who was allegedly manhandled by a male, the convener has sent a show cause notice asking why action should not be taken against the couple for ....criticising the congener?. Sticking to the chair is the most serious concern of all social club committee members. . Keep Watching this space and join KM discussion forum.

P T Usha was Chief Guest or Cheap Guest!

The world famous athlete who was brought to Muscat by the ISC was sometimes starving in a cheap hotel apartment with her family as the organisers were busy in photo sessions with the sports personality. She was treated very badly and the organisers need to be careful not to bring such VIPs without having the required time or resources to treat them gently. She was not given tea or coffee in the mornings. There was no means of transportation and the club officials were more interested in getting their photographs published in newspapers than treating a VIP sports star with due dignity. Is it because she was not as attractive as Seema chechi or other sexy film stars who are often brought to town.

Health Monitor - Depression a biochemical Illness

Everyone experiences variations in mood — transitory blues, disappointments, the normal grief that accompanies the loss of someone you love. But a severe or prolonged depression that interferes with the ability to function, feel pleasure, or maintain interest is not a mere case of the blues. It is an illness. Researchers have demonstrated that it results from biochemical imbalances in the brain. More

ITS continues to expand localised solutions for the Middle East higher education sector

DUBAI - 4th January 2004 Leading higher education solutions specialist, Systems and Computer Technology Corporation (SCT) has renewed its marketing and implementation contract with International Turnkey Systems (ITS), the established solutions provider in the Middle East and Africa region.Under the terms of the new agreement, ITS will enjoy the rights to market and implement Middle East versions of SCT’s full suite of higher education solutions.More

British Airways Canceled Heathrow - Riyadh Flights

LONDON - British Airways has canceled its flights BA 263 on 31 December 2003 and BA 263 on 3 January 2004 from Heathrow Airport to King Khalid International Airport, Riyadh for security reasons. The return flight BA 262 from Riyadh to London on 4 January 2004 has also been canceled." If you choose to travel to, or remain in, Saudi Arabia you should take all necessary steps to protect your safety and should make sure you have confidence in your individual security arrangements. Following terrorist attacks in Riyadh in May and November 2003, British intelligence continues to believe terrorists are planning further attacks in Saudi Arabia, and that these could be in the final stages of preparation," said British government alert on potential threat to western interests in the Middle East. More

All 148 aboard killed in Egypt jet crash

France's Deputy Transportation Minister Dominique Bussereau said that the pilot of Flash Airlines flight FSH604 detected problems shortly after takeoff and tried to turn back. A charter jet carrying 148 people - mostly French tourists - crashed Saturday into the Red Sea shortly after taking off from the resort of Sharm el-Sheik, killing everyone on board, officials said.

US planned to invade Saudi Arabia, Kuwait Abu Dhabi to capture oil fields

LONDON -The USA and Britain were prepared to use military force to secure Arab oil supplies during the Oil crisis , say media reports quoting a secret document released by the British intelligence in London yesterday. "The United States seriously considered sending airborne troops to seize oilfields in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Abu Dhabi during the Arab oil embargo," said a top-secret British intelligence memorandum released yesterday. It also revealed that the US considered various options including the replacement of Arab rulers with "more amenable" leaders. They planned a short airborne operation to snatch away precious oil fields from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Abu Dhabi, the report suggested. Full Report

Emiratisation drive in the National Bank of Fujairah (NBF)

An open letter to the World via www.keralamonitor.com

This is my 12th Email message to President Bush and PM Blair on Iraq War
- Respective Embassies, kindly forward this Email to President Bush, PM Blair, CNN & BBC please ! ! Dear KM, Since the capture of Saddam few days ago, though I feel along with the entire world, much relief, looking at the events that took place recently, I am thinking of reversing my views and our KM readers may kindly correct me if my new thinking is wrong or inaccurate.. More

ISC Malayalam Wing Lady Members engage in Street Fight

MUSCAT - The shallow cultural face of the Indian Social Club here was exposed once again when an open late night street fight erupted following severe criticisms and counter criticisms within the Managing Committee meeting. As part of an ongoing intense power struggle which has been going on ever since a new Management committee assumed power,a cold war between the two prominent female members of the Indian Social Club erupted into a virtual street fight in which chappals, sandals and even muscle power were used by their respective husbands to prove their point and counter points. More

Only 2% of Gulf NRIs have savings back home: study

Govt threatens to prosecute schools that hike fees

BULAWAYO, 31 December (IRIN) - The Zimbabwe government has threatened to prosecute and de-register all schools that implement fee increases for 2004 without its approval. Most schools last month notified parents and guardians that they would
be increasing tuition fees by between 200 percent and 2,000 percent
when the new terms begins in January. More International News from Iran and Africa

Newspapers still Dominate Indian Media Scene - Readership Survey Vinod Kumar participates in the 7th Asian softball championship held at Manila

 Hyper Market Work Stalled in Darsait

MUSCAT -Construction work for a new multimillion hypermarket in Darsait by a leading UAE based Malayali businessman has been halted (temporarily?) due to certain objections raised by the concerned authorities about the location of the market in the selected location More

Happy New Year

KM Invites your valuable feedback about our new look. We are still under going changes- editor editor@keralamonitor.com

N. Bush's foreign business deals draw spotlight Role of president's brother in transactions detailed in documents tied to divorce Full Report Expert Stresses Need To Rebuild Structures Differently Syria Introduces Resolution On Middle East WMD-Free Zone Saddam Threatens to Expose American President Full Report UAE Ministry of Information and Fujairah Police conduct first-ever raid in Fujairah

Hooded Men Executing Saddam Officials

By Robert Fisk in Baghdad

28 December 2003:After the "liberation" of Iraq, the Baath party's enemies have declared it open season to hunt down and murder hundreds of the former regime's officials - with not the slightest attempt by the Anglo-American armies or their newly installed police force to end the bloodshed.In the Shia city of Najaf, 42 ex-members of the Baath have been murdered and not a single arrest has followed. In Basra, controlled by British troops, almost 50 Baathists have been found with their hands bound behind their backs and a single bullet hole in the neck. Again, there have been no arrests.KM News Click Here for Detailed Reports

April 19 , 2004

Abdulla Al Zamil, the Chief Operating Officer of Saudi Arabia’s Zamil Industrial Investment Company, the first corporate ambassador for ‘Leaders In Dubai’ More

Justice S. Rajendra Babu, Judge of the Supreme Court of India who will take over as Chief Justice of India on May 2, 2004 as the Chief Justice of India

Bride 2005 Opened..

Woman of the Week 

Gulf Air Airhostess

KM Cyber Cafe Monitor

Faisal Bur Dubai UAE

Classical Dance at Al Falaj

K P Beena, Dance Teacher and her students will perform a classical dance programme at the Al Falaj Ball Room on April 16, 2004.

Biju Abel Jacob, upcoming journalist of Asianet Dubai.One of the talented and objective reporters the channel has appointed to cover its Middle East operations..Click

Arun from Uganda, African Malayali

Click picture.

Dr Ahmed bin Saif al Nahyan, chairman of Etihad, with HE Richard Makepeace, the British Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). More

Dubai Monitor

Mr.T K V Mani, News Editor Gulf Today was working with the Times of Oman, Muscat before coming to Dubai. An experienced journalist from Kerala, Mani represents many journalists from the state who play key role in the Gulf media sector...Watch this space.

Delhi Malayalis with Mohanlal.

National airline of the UAE flies to first destination outside the
region; 16 cities to be covered by end of 2004

Happy Birthday to Muthu New Delhi

Prominent Gulf Malayali

Vijayan Nair came to the Gulf after working in Bombay for sometime. Without any training in commercial advertising, he started his own graphic desinging company -Oman Graphics Company LLC - with a handful of employees and a few good clients. Now the company has grown to become the leading digital advertising and signboard display service provider. Whether it is to design a posh automobile showroom or to promote aby global brands Vijay has all the solutions.. Watch this space.

Am I the Cute Boy?

Cute Dubai Kid

New York-Dubai

U.S. business leaders gather in New York to learn about investment opportunities in Dubai Full Report

New PC launched..

NRI Federation Elects New Office Bearers..C N P Vice President

Smart Kids

Kidsonline Danish Mohammed son of Mohammed Haris Dubai

Bin Zayed group aligns with new partner.

What made the Christian Malabari Mafia Campaign Against KM Journalist

School Monitor

St.Josephs School Trivandrum Centenary celebrations begins

Hamed Al-Sharekh, Vice President Al Alamiah Group, President Al Alamiah Group KSA More

KM Mate of the week

Raising Election Fund from Diaspora!

The BJP is engaged in a marathon Fund raising Campaign from the Indian Diaspora who atteneded the high profile NRI meet in New Delhi. A major source to fund the forthcoming election is the Pravasi Bharatheeya Day celebrations attended by the high networth NRIs.More

Sharqiya Letter - by Madhu Nambiar Sur Click

Tanmia collaborates with National Bank of Sharjah for training UAE nationals


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Raveendran C Sur Prominent Businessman.Linik

Ilaa defends widows

Mr.Kareem and Mr.Usman

Oneof the oldest Pravasis in Muscat


Marwan Al Naqi.
Smart Kids Online
Glipses of Malayali

 Akshaya - Full Computer Literacy in Kerala

M. Smithy*

Kochi - In the Malappuram district of Kerala, information technology (IT) has become a way of life for the common people. What is surprising is that they are neither highly educated nor English-speaking category. Some of them are not even formally educated. Another section of the neo-computer literate of Malappuram has already crossed 60 years of age. A small minority is even older than 70. Malappuram is making history in IT education through the Akshaya project. It is a model not only for India but also for all developing countries. Full Feature

Vinod Kumar participates in the 7th Asian softball championship Manila

The Indian softball team which attended the Asian Softball championship could not match the international teams, due to lack of official support from the concerned sports authorities in India. The team captain Vinod Kumar from Trivandrum had to find his own resources to attend the championship in Manila.. More



Dubai Boy - Happy Birthday

Dubai's e-learning market to grow to US$ 24 million

 "Although Dubai is leading in the world of e-learning, many other countries in the region are following the trend, recognising the new demand for e-learning. Dubai's pioneering projects, including Dubai Internet City, and more recently Knowledge Village, have given Dubai a competitive edge, and provided an impetus for other states in the region to follow suit. Dubai has served as an inspiration and model for others," said Jamil Ezzo, General Manager, Element K Middle East.



 LG Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

Dubai 27th December 2004 LG Electronics (LGE) ranked first in global cylinder vacuum cleaner sales in 2003 with a 15.8% market share after manufacturing and selling around five million units. Cylinder vacuum cleaners are used in almost 50% of households worldwide. According to Fuji Research Institute Corp., LGE produced about five million canister vacuum cleaners last year and outperformed the second-most prolific vacuum cleaner maker by a margin of over one million units to capture the top spot.  LGE'S 'Cyking' vacuum cleaner


 BEA's WebLogic Workshop wins recognition from PC Magazine

 Pakistan: Release French Journalists, Pakistani Assistant

(New York, December 23, 2003) -- The Pakistani government must immediately release two French journalists, Marc Epstein and Jean-Paul Guilloteau, and
their Pakistani assistant, Khawar Mehdi Rizvi, who were arrested in Karachi on December 16, Human Rights Watch said More

 Syria: Fourteen prisoners of conscience must be released

AI is calling on the Syrian authorities to immediately and unconditionally release 14 men detained solely for expressing their opinion in a peaceful manner, on the eve of their trial on December 20. More

Over 12 per cent of Internet users in GCC use broadband connectivity

Saudi Arabia demonstrates high potential for integration of broadband connectivity into business and home use scenariosDecember 24, 2003 More than 12 per cent of Internet users in the GCC are using broadband access, with Kuwait leading the way with 29 per cent broadband Internet penetration, followed by Bahrain at 22.59 per cent, Qatar at 19.4 per cent and the UAE at 16.6 per cent. More


Halliburton Responsible For Overcharging, Pentagon Says

The Pentagon said yesterday that defense contractor Halliburton Co. would be responsible for paying back the $61 million it overcharged the Pentagon for oil deliveries to Iraq.More News